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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency


What is Clean Label?

Achieve your clean label goals with “CARESPHERE” functional clean label starch

If you are formulating or creating clean-label products, you need to ensure that delectable taste and other functions of the products are maintained and great enough to appeal to consumers. Consumers today have different perceptions of clean-label products and even demand for more functions. 

BS Starch Chemical, together with our experts, is more than ready to assist you in creating your desirable products using our comprehensive portfolio of tapioca-based ingredients and novel technology of our own. In addition to our starch solution, we also are to provide our insights on consumers’ demand, behavior and market trends to help identify best solutions in creating your products to meet consumers’ satisfaction. We promise to solve and overcome whatever challenges you have on clean labels.

Taste is the key to everything

The utilization of our starch solutions will replace food additives and chemicals with tapioca-based starches and other natural ingredients as sweeteners and preservatives to achieve both delectable taste and clean label goals. With the broad portfolio of starch solutions we have in hand and expertise for over decades in this field, we guarantee to meet your satisfaction.

The Future of Food: Clean Label Solutions

Embrace the future of food with our clean label solutions, designed to meet the growing consumer demand for natural, minimally processed ingredients. Our innovative clean label starches enhance texture, stability, and shelf life while maintaining the integrity of your product. Ideal for gluten-free, allergen-free, and non-GMO formulations, our starches help you create healthier, more transparent food options. Partner with us to deliver high-quality, clean label products that stand out in the market and appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. Discover the future of food with our sustainable, eco-friendly starch solutions.

Our Clean Label Product Series


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Meet our specialists at the Customer Center for consultation

High level of expertise is required to provide solutions on clean-label products. You may contact our Customer Center for high-level solutions to help improve or even innovate your clean label products.


BS Starch Chemical, with our comprehensive broad portfolio of tapioca-based starch solutions, will help you create clean-label products made only from natural ingredients. Our solutions will replace food additives and chemicals while maintaining desirable taste, texture and appearance. Utilization of our starches will surely tick all boxes of consumers’ checklists that call for natural ingredients, gluten-free, food additive-free, and etc. 

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Partner with the Experts at BS Starch

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