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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency


Cassava Flour & Organic Cassava Flour

A year of research and development lead us able to produce a high quality of cassava flour that can be used as an alternative to the all-purpose flour made from wheat. These flour can be used for thickening, gelling, and enhancing glossiness in a variety of applications. These flours are soft, has a powdery texture, and is gluten-free in nature, making it a viable substitute for common baking flours. We produce some of the finest starches available on the market. Our Cassava Flour are bitterless and provide a smooth and sumptuous texture.

Product suggestion : Cassava flour series and Organic cassava flour

Wheat Flour
Low Cyanide
Consistent Quality
Organic Cassava Flour
Our organic cassava flours are extracted from natural cassavas of the highest grade. They are gluten-free and are produced with the highest regards to nature in order to maintain its organic qualities. Our flours are great for baking and can be used to bake pastries and other popular menus.
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