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The needs for better and healthier baked goods continue to grow really fast. And as we are keeping up with this trend, satisfying the needs and providing solutions that best improve the manufacture of baked products have always been our priority.

BS Starch Chemical and our specialists have worked to innovate starch solutions to help enhance softness, texture, and shelf life and many more qualities as may be requested for your baked goods. We believe that our starch solution will sure enhance your bakeries and that they can win the heart of your consumers.

Product and Application

High Fiber Bread
Frozen Bakery Products

Soft Bread


Our BAKETEC 35 and BSSC M7 are recommended for breads with soft and chewy textures. They help extend shelf life and improve moisture water retention. While our TAPIOGEL BK is recommended to be used as a binding agent and can also be used to improve moisture retention when under freeze condition.

Key Attributions
  • Improves moisture retention

  • Improves softness and chewiness

  • Extends product shelf life

  • Strong binding property

Soft Bread
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