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If you are looking to enhance your sweets, you have come to the right place. Our starch solution offers various functions such as texturizing, solid replacing, retarding meltdown and reducing cost. BS Starch Chemical and our specialists are here to assist you to improve your formula and provide unique characteristics and qualities you desire for your sweets to deliver a delectable experience to your consumers.

Product and Application

Confectionery Products
Gummy and Candies



Our BSSC 115 acts as a solid replacer and stabilizer for your chocolate.It does not only provide a glossy and smooth appearance but also retards meltdown, allowing you to deliver your chocolate in its finest condition.

Using TAPIOGEL 993 creates a perfect emulsifier for your chocolate spread. It enhances mouthfeel and prevent oil separation, giving smooth and shiny texture that will sure impress your consumers.

Key Attributions
  • Retards melt down

  • Provides a shiny and glossy appearance 

  • Improves mouthfeel  

  • Provides smoother textures

  • Functions as an emulsifier

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