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Dairy desserts have been on the rise during the past decade and continue to grow at a very fast pace. Dessert lovers have strong cravings for desserts that are rich in dairy. To that end, we have developed a solution that will serve your needs and the needs of your customers in turn. With qualities that can help you craft meticulous textures, improve viscosity, create glossy appearances, and provide superior freeze-thaw stability, our products will help you deliver the finest dessert experience!

Product and Application

French Dessert
Japanese Dessert
Korean Dessert
Thai Dessert
Tapioca Pearl



Create an unforgettable dessert experience for your customers with our modified starch products. BSSC DS60 works to improve the elasticity and strength of your dough’s texture. It also ships with superior freeze-thaw stability, capable of extending your mochi’s shelf life! BSSC M7 on the other hand is best suited for desserts that require extra chewiness! It provides the perfect-glutinous texture. Our TAPIOGEL L65 ships with superior binding qualities that allow you to craft patterned shapes while maintaining its trademark softness.

Key Attributions
  • Improves elasticity

  • Improves strength of dough

  • Enhances freeze-thaw stability

  • Enhances binding property

  • Enhances softness

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