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Tapioca Starch

At BS Starch Chemical, you will find a variety of tapioca starches specifically produced to meet your many requirements. Tapioca starch can be used to increase adhesiveness, glossiness, and stability in various foods and desserts. We produce wet and dry starch, and special grade starches that are low in moisture, TPC, and HCN. Our starches can also be customized to contain high viscosity and whiteness. These starches can be produced in many grades for different uses; ranging from food grades to industrial grades. 

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High Quality Raw Material

From the cassava field to the production line, we place our care in every step of the process. As such, we are selective in our process of choosing suppliers to ensure that we obtain only cassava roots of the highest grade. To guarantee consistent quality, our root washing process is not only detailed but Most hygienic.  At BS Starch, not only will customers get quality but also purity and hygiene

Starch Facilities
Decades of experience in the starch industry allow us to provide an unmatched supply of native and modified tapioca starches for our customers. To keep up with the ever-changing trend and the growing demand, we constantly find new ways and technologies to help improve our production facilities, increase our efficiency, and output. Our facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment from root reception and washing, decanters, peeler centrifuges as well as dryers. The entire manufacturing line allows us to cover the entire starch manufacturing process. Customers looking for a one-stop service will enjoy what we offer here at BS Starch Chemical.


Our experience in the starch industry can ensure that our specialists have seen years of formulation modifications that will enable use for every food type. Our experience combined with a plethora of resources mean that we have what it takes to develop application-specific solutions for all consumer food products.


Food Grade



Starch Content

Moisture Content








85 % Min

13 % Max

700 BU Min

4.5 - 7.0

0.2 % Max

0.2 cc Max

1.0 % Max

90 % Min

30 ppm Max 

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