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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency

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About Us

A leader in starch solutions, we provide advanced innovations along with a variety of starch-based products to meet your requirements. We are committed to deliver products of the finest quality and the highest nutritional values to our customers. Our mission is to provide and distribute food, nutraceutical and industrial grade starch products. We also provide a selection of specialty products. Our specialty products are highly customisable and can be tailored to fit and suit every of your needs. We have a vested commitment to sustainability and to serve your needs.


Our Team and Services

​Every single step of our product development concerns our customers. From listening to your concerns to paying close attention to every of your requirements, we make it our mission to involve you as much as possible. Our product is the result of years of research as well as experience from real usage. Your valuable feedbacks allow us to understand what you want and will allow us to come up with the perfect product to suit your needs. Our laboratory and team of specislists are ready and waiting to satisfy all your queries. You are at the heart of our research.

More than just a supplier,
but the right PARTNER for you

We’re not just a supplier, allow us to be your partner. Aside from being your trusted supplier, we can be so much more. Our management team consists of people ranging from leading specialists in the field of starch to business executives well versed in the commercial area. We aim to become a valuable business partner and be a part in helping your business grow. We are ready to help you and provide you with all the consultation that you need; from helping you choose the right starch to providing you with valuable business insights. Let us get you going, let us help you grow.

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Partner with the Experts at BS Starch

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