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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency

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Waxy Tapioca Starch

The innovative waxy tapioca starch, completely amylose-free with a 100% amylopectin composition, unlocks unprecedented possibilities across diverse industries. Waxy tapioca starch's exceptional versatility addresses myriad opportunities in the global marketplace.


High Performance Starch

Elevating functionality to new heights, our Waxy Tapioca starch revolutionizes food products. It’s remarkable attributes, including superior water absorption, high viscosity, and a glossy, transparent finish, find favor among food manufacturers seeking enhanced chewiness and softness beyond regular tapioca.

The outstanding anti-retrogradation feature of waxy tapioca starch enables it to endure double freeze-thaw cycles, ensuring improved water retention in delicate dishes without separating during heating. This starch redefines culinary possibilities.


Waxy tapioca combines the key desirable attributes of waxy starches and regular tapioca starch, boasting exceptional freeze/thaw stability, unmatched texture clarity, and a neutral taste profile. These unique characteristics set it apart from other commercially available waxy starch sources such as waxy maize, waxy rice, and waxy potato.


In addition, waxy tapioca starch offers a subtle flavor and minimal odor, attributed to its exceptionally low protein and lipid content. As a result, it seamlessly complements the taste and aroma of various foods, particularly dairy, beverages, and confectionery items, without any interference.


Waxy Tapioca Applications

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