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Contract Ingredient Blending

From scratch to finished blend, BS Starch Chemical and our team of specialists work closely with you to custom-make your blend using only high-quality and FDA-approved ingredients. For your blend, you can supply your own ingredients or use ours to customize your blend that suits your usage and perfects your product.


Our blending and packing facilities are well-equipped with integrated systems and machinery as well as industrial blenders that allow us to create and pack your blend with the ultimate safety and hygiene. We have novel blending and packing facilities with effective capabilities and production rooms that we can ensure that we offer high-quality blends.



BS Starch Chemical offers a blend that is specially designed for marinades and glazing to spice up the flavor, enhance appearance and savor of both meat and meatless products.


Dressings and Sauces

After years of research and trials, BS Starch Chemical’s R&D is finally able to offer a special blend that is suitable for all types of powder, liquid and concentrated liquid formula for dressings, sauces, condiments, etc.


Coatings and Textures

With our view that visual and texture are all crucial factors in creating food products, our blend helps create unique and outstanding visuals yet offer great taste to make your products outshine in the market.


Functional Blend

BS Starch Chemical’s R&D has innovated functional blend specially for all types of meat. This type of blend is a great enhancer for taste, appearance, aroma, binding capabilities as well as preservation of your products.


Soup and Sides

We work day and night to come up with new and innovative ways to conjure new flavours to our consumers around the globe. Our innovative options are sure to keep their palettes satisfied!


Dough Blend

With our consumers in mind, our bakery and dough systems are designed with additives that enhance taste, texture, and performance for dough-related menus like pizzas, pancakes, biscuits, and more.


Customized Solutions

At BS Starch, we introduce a new approach to the normal way of doing things. Our ‘collaborative innovation’ concept maximizes productivity and efficiency. By working hand in hand with our partners, we can help identify challenges, provide useful insights, and make use of our expertise - all to improve consumer experience and deliver top class products that will leave lasting impressions on our consumers. Whether your goal is to distinguish your products, increase your offerings, gain functional advantages, or to achieve all of them in one sitting, our years of experience and state of the art manufacturing facilities will make sure that they are achieved.

Quality and Safety in Blending

Our team of specialists is committed to deliver every of your requirements. From the starting point to the finish line, our team will work closely with you to identify your issues and make sure that they are readily resolved. Additionally, we provide full-time R&D support as well as around-the-clock Q&A support. At BS, you can expect a one-stop shopping; our services can be extended to include repackaging, transportation, and storage services.

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