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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency


Pregelatinized Starch

Pregelatinized starch is starch that has been pre-cooked and dried through processes like drum drying or spray drying. This gelatinization method eliminates the need for further cooking. Pregelatinized starch can be used in combination with native or modified cook-up starch to create a versatile range of instant thickening starch solutions.

We, BS Starch Chemical, has a comprehensive portfolio of pregelatinized starches under our own brands such as PREFROMANCE, GELVATOR, EMULTOR and more. This type of starch can be used in industrial and highly recommended for use in food products such as instant soup and sauce, bakery, and other snack products.

Level of Process Tolerance

Level 1

Native Pregel: Preformance 1000 Series

The PREFORMANCE 1000 series utilizes native tapioca starch, allowing it to be easily labeled as "tapioca starch." These products offer a smooth, clear texture with a delightful mouthfeel and outstanding flavor dispersion.


Due to their clean label status, PREFORMANCE 1000 solutions are highly sought after in the baby food industry, as well as for regulating dough viscosity in snacks and bakery items, including gluten-free doughs.


Additionally, we offer organic and agglomerated specialty variations to cater to diverse preferences.


Advantages include:

  • Clean label compliance

  • Precise viscosity control in cold food applications

  • Exceptional clarity and transparency.

Products & Applications

Explore various types of our pregelatinized starch that offer qualities and benefits to make your products stand out in the market

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