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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency



Snack is a term that encompasses a large variety of menus. Nowadays, more than taste and texture consumer seek for a heathier option. To win the market and deliver all customers expectation, try putting some of our products in your hand while you bake and make.


BS Starch Chemical’s expansive portfolio of tapioca-based modified starch can help you deliver the memorable crispy, crunchy and chewy texture.

Product and Application

Potato Chips
Baked Snacks
Biscuit and Cracker
Cereal Bar
Non-puffy Snacks
Puffy Snacks
High Fiber Snacks
Coated Nuts
Clean Label Coated Nuts

Potato Chips


Crispiness is at the heart of every potato chips. Therefore, our CRISPYGEL, a special dual modification tapioca starch product, can help enhance binding properties that allow for maximum crispiness and puffiness.

Key Attributions

  • Improves binding property

  • Improves texture

  • Prolongs crispiness

  • Provides desirable appearance

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