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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency

As a leader of innovation, all of our products in the specialty category are highly customisable and can be tailored and specially modified to suit your many needs. That means we are able to provide specific solutions for application-specific requirements with our custom-made specialty ingredients!
High Cholesterol? Egg allergic? Vegan? These are no longer problems if you replace eggs in your baking recipes with our Eggcellent. Our Eggcellent is an egg substitute functions and provides texture as good as eggs in your baked goods. Just mix our Eggcellent with water and it is good to go!   
Clean Label Starch
Today’s consumers start to turn their backs from chemicals and are looking for Clean label products. With cutting-edge technology, we are ready to provide our customers with clean label starches that are customizable.

Work with our lab team to solve all your hardest product challenges

You will get accurate insights information from our experts which will help you stay above competitors in the field. Our clean label products can be used in various applications and provide many advantages to satisfy your expectation. 

With our help:

  • ​Remove all chemicals but still maintain product delicious and taste

  • Get more functionality on your product with less ingredients

  • Improve your business with a good return on investment with clean label trend

  • Clean but strong. Our clean label starches can perform similar functions as modified starch

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Partner with the Experts at BS Starch

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