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Plant-based Food and Beverage

Consumers nowadays are trending towards sustainable meals; one such is plant-based food. When it comes to food, the challenge is always in the taste. That’s where we come in. Years of research and real application have allowed us to come up with the perfect starch solution for this particular field, enabling us to create convincing tastes and fine textures. Our broad portfolio of plant-based starch solutions can help accelerate you towards your goals.

Product and Application

Plant-based Beverage
Plant-based Yogurt
Ice Cream
Plant-based Cheese

Plant-based Food

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Always keeping track of the trend, we have developed GREENTEC, a special starch suitable for plant based application. GREENTEC yields superior binding ability and increases resistance, allowing your menus to go through mixing, freezing, grilling, deep-frying, and steaming processes. It also provides your menus with firm, bouncy, and juicy textures filled with proteins and nutrients. 

Key Attributions
  • Enhances binding property

  • Improves appearance and juiciness

  • Provides firmness 

  • High process tolerance

Plant-based Food
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