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Starch Facilities

As a leading starch manufacturer, we constantly seek to improve our products through the use of new technologies. Our production plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to manufacture one of the broadest starch portfolios in the industry. Our team of specialists work tirelessly to utilize our solid/liquid separation equipments (nozzle separators, peeler centrifuges, and dryers) for starch processing. With our large host of equipments, customers can be sure that they will receive nothing but the best starches available.

A decade-long experience in the starch industry ensures that our specialists have seen years of formulation modifications that will enable use for every food type. Our experience combined with a plethora of resources mean that we have what it takes to develop application-specific solutions for all consumer food products.

Our factory was designed around the concept of innovation and therefore houses an array of class leading technologies. Meeting international food safety standards, our factory is more than capable of producing top quality industrial-grade starches for you.

Our Production Features


Attention to Detail

Our factory and facility are designed to be well-covered and enclosed for maximum protection against external pollutants like dust and smoke. Additionally, there are clean zones designated for the storage of raw materials to protect them from potential contamination.


High Standard

To maintain our reputation and standards, our raw materials are sourced through a strict selection process that includes layers of inspection and auditing.

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Water Treatment

Clean water is at the heart of our operation. As water cleanliness directly impacts the purity of pre-gelatinized starches, we take matters of water treatment very seriously. An advanced filtration system therefore has been installed in our facility to ensure a clean supply of water.

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Efficient Automation

BS Starch Chemical implements automated production system which can monitor every process in real-time. Our system can record all the procedures during the production process to make sure that everything is on right track process. According through our high standard automation, we can guarantee quality of our products.


Quality Control

By employing a meticulous auditing process and thorough sampling practice, we are able to inspect every aspect of our manufacturing process. In compliance with the international standards, our products are packed for delivery in clean rooms where temperatures and airflows are controlled in order to ensure consistent product quality.


Novel Technology

Using technology from Europe. We are able to maintain the moisture content of our starches. This technology also helps improve viscosity, stability, and high product performance.

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