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Rice Flour

Rice flour contains no gluten, it is often used as a wheat flour replacement for people who cannot tolerate gluten in their diets because of a severe allergic reaction



Our riceberry flour is manufactured from premium riceberry grains, BS Starch Chemical’s gluten-free Riceberry Flour is high in antioxidants and offers high nutritional value that decreases chances of cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Riceberries are rich in nutrients and aid in the natural production of collagen, as well as weight and cholesterol control.



Our Jasmine Rice Flour is manufactured from the finest jasmine rice that produces a special and natural aroma. Jasmine rice itself is known for its superior scent and softness, unique qualities that distinguish it from other types of rice. Jasmine rice is gluten free and nutritious making it the most popular rice in Thailand. It contains Gamma-Oryzanol capable of reducing blood cholesterol levels, and aiding in rejuvenation. Gamma-Orzanol is also known for its potential in reducing risk of heart disease, liver failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and allergies.

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