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Enhances mouthfeel for creamy consistency


RESIZTIER resistant starch helps you create high-fiber foods

Fiber is undeniably a nutrient that people who consume little vegetables and fruits need. Fiber is not only good for preventing or relieving constipation but can also help manage weight and the digestive system. However, addition of fibers to your products can lead to unappetizing taste and texture.

This concern can now be solved with our "RESIZTIER" resistant starch. Our "RESIZTIER" will raise fiber content and lower calories in your products while maintaining pleasant taste and appealing appearance.


Simple and Versatile

The addition of fiber in products was one of our challenges. Through years of research and development, we have innovated "RESIZTIER" which has very minimal or no impacts on taste, texture and even color of your products. It is used in various kinds of products such as baked goods, noodles, etc.

Stay Ahead of Trend

The trend towards high-fiber foods continues to grow. As per the recent research, it is found that almost half of the respondents agreed that foods that are high in fiber are essential. You keep up and stay ahead of the trend by working with us.


Create High Fiber Labels

You can add our "RESIZTIER" to boost your fiber content and promote your product to be “fiber-rich” on the label to capture the heart of consumers.

Resiztier Resistant Starch perform in a wide range of applications


One-stop Service

With BS Starch Chemical and our specialists, we will help you overcome all obstacles on your products you are facing right now. Work with us to create your ideal products to stand out on the shelf and even in the market.

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Partner with the Experts at BS Starch

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